Best Buy to Carry Botzees Robotics Classic This Holiday Season

Best Buy to Carry Botzees Robotics Classic This Holiday Season

Best Buy to Carry Botzees Robotics Classic This Holiday Season

Have you ever watched Shark Tank?


Hear us out. Although our good news isn’t exactly about Shark Tank, we still have good news.


On the show Shark Tank, an indication that a product that is being pitched is already doing quite well is that they have been picked up by a big box store. When new business owners who sell tangible products are working to get their enterprises off of the ground, the business owners will often work tirelessly to get picked up by big box stores.


When an independent product is picked up by a big box store like Target or Walmart, customers at those stores will see the new product and scoop it up. Being sold in big box stores gives new products the opportunity to get seen and known by the big box store’s customers, which boosts sales and brand recognition across whole new demographics of shoppers.


Big box stores are a big deal.


So, we at Botzees are thrilled to announce that Best Buy is carrying Botzees Robotics Classic this holiday season! The set will include all-new packaging as it hits the physical and digital shelves at Best Buy this year.


The Botzees Classic set introduces kids to the world of building and coding by using visual cues to operate the robot. Botzees can move, drum, dance, make noises, and light up, all depending on how the child programs the robot. The set includes eight pre-designed robots and plenty of flexibility and freedom to create your own design.


A Best Buy toy reviewer recently put together a thoughtful review of the set. We highly recommend seeing what Leonard Bond had to say.


What one expects from a toy like this is, first and foremost, for it to be fun,” Bond says. “It is, and I definitely think that kids across a variety of different age groups will enjoy it—particularly if they are into build toys or have an interest in the STEM field subjects.”


Thank you to Best Buy for carrying Botzees Classic this holiday season.


So, what are you waiting for? The kids in your life will be thrilled when they get to build and operate their own robots during holiday celebrations this year. Buy now while supplies last!