Girl Unicorn Toy Robot

Unicorn Toy Robot: Girls STEM Holiday Gifts for Kids Ages 3 to 6

Unicorn Toy Robot: Girls STEM Holiday Gifts for Kids Ages 3 to 6

We’ve all been there: You’re standing in the toy aisle, pink and purple dolls and dreamhouses to your left, and blue and green remote-control cars and robots to your right. You sigh. Is the toy aisle already steering young boys toward STEM pursuits and young girls toward homemaking? How are you supposed to share your love for all-things STEM with the young girls in your life when the toy aisle looks like this? And how come toys are still gendered at all?! Isn’t there some kind of happy medium? You close your eyes and make a wish…


I wish for an adorable, candy-colored set that’s just as techy and cool as the tough guy toys.


You open your eyes, and TA-DA!


You see the Botzees GO! Unicorn Toy Robot – girls and boys alike will appreciate the beauty and the brains of this awesome set.



Wait, what is it?


The Botzees GO! – Unicorn Set is a new play experience that combines electric remote-control pieces with easy-to-assemble building pieces so kids can create their own robots!



What’s in the box?


The Unicorn Set includes 114 plastic and silicone brightly colored pieces in unique shapes. The edges are rounded, so you won’t step on them and puncture the soles of your feet – thank goodness! Also included is a movable base, a speaker that plays sounds and music, and a customizable remote control. You’ll need to supply two AA batteries for the base and two AAA batteries for the remote control.


The box also includes directions for downloading a free app that offers easy-to-follow build instructions for four pre-designed creatures.



What can you make with it?


The four pre-designed creatures in the Botzees GO! – Unicorn Set include the Magical Unicorn (of course), the Happy Pig, the Love Bear, and the Brave Dodo Bird. Kids can also get creative and build whatever sort of creature they want! The wide variety of pieces in various shapes and sizes makes this set the kind of toy that doesn’t get boring after one or two play sessions. It keeps kids’ interest for hours upon hours of play.



Why is this set so great?


Cyntech says STEM toy helps kids develop motor skills, build logic, recognize different objects, develop their creativity and imagination and improve hand eye coordination.


Also, the price is right! At $39.99, this set is more affordable than other similar toys on the market.


One reviewer said, “Not expensive, but a toy that makes a kid happy.” Making a kid happy. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?


The Unicorn Toy Robot – Girls STEM building and robotics learning toys will excite and challenge the kids in your life. It’s never too early to start holiday shopping! Your kiddos will thank you for investing in both their techy and creative sides from a young age.