Botzees Dinosaur Set Recognized by TechCrunch as Top STEM Toy Gift

Botzees Dinosaur Set Recognized by TechCrunch as Top STEM Toy Gift

Botzees Dinosaur Set Recognized by TechCrunch as Top STEM Toy Gift

The toy market is a saturated place, and it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. The best way to stand out? Provide a truly valuable and thrilling learning experience to kids.

We at Botzees were thrilled to make TechCrunch’s list of 22 STEM toy gift ideas for young builders. Our Botzees Go! Dinosaur Set made this list of excellent, STEM-focused toys.

Botzees Go! Dinosaur Set

With the Botzees Go! Dinosaur Set, we brought the technological era back to the prehistoric era. Or maybe we brought the prehistoric era to the technological era! Either way, the child in your life will have a blast building dinosaur robots, throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Wait, what is it?

The Botzees Go! Dinosaur Set is an exciting play set that combines electric remote-control pieces with easy-to-assemble building pieces so the young scientists in your life can bring their own dinosaur robots to life!

What’s in the box?

The Dinosaur Set includes 103 high quality plastic and silicone pieces in interesting shapes. Because the edges are rounded, you won’t have to worry about poking a hole in your foot when the child in your life inevitably leaves a piece in the middle of a highly-trafficked hallway – thank goodness!

The box also includes directions for downloading a free app that offers easy-to-follow building instructions for four pre-designed dinosaurs.

What can you make with it?

The four pre-designed dinosaurs in the Botzees GO! Dinosaur Set are the Ankylosaurus, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Triceratops, and the Pterosaur. Your young paleontologist can also get creative and discover their own new dinosaur species! The set includes all sorts of colors and sizes of pieces, which means this toy will engage the child in your life long after all of the holiday wrapping paper has been cleaned up. There are always new dinosaurs to discover.

Why is this set so great?

STEM toys with coding components help kids develop fine motor skills, build logic skills, develop their problem-solving skills, and expand their creativity. A recent Harvard study investigated the differences in the way children play with traditional toys and robotics toys. One of the key findings of the study was that robotics toys – specifically, a Botzees set – triggers children’s interest in being mentally active while also encouraging collaboration between playmates. Perhaps robotics toys push the kids in our lives to play smarter while also having a ton of fun.

One reviewer said, “This is a great toy. My nephew loves dinosaurs and building things. So this was a win.” Watch out, aunts and uncles: You might have a young engineer on your hands!

The Botzees GO! Dinosaur Set will intrigue and engage the children in your life. Holiday shopping can happen at any time of year. Playtime can make any old day feel like a special occasion with Botzees.