Toy and Tech Expert Says Botzees Classic has ‘Limitless Possibilities’

Toy and Tech Expert Says Botzees Classic has ‘Limitless Possibilities’

A Best Buy toy and tech reviewer spent a few weeks diving into the world of the Botzees Classic set, and he says he had a lot of fun.”

Botzees Classic set - coding robot for kids

Tech expert Leonard Bond unboxed and experimented with the Botzees Coding & AR Robotics Kit, a set that aims to help kids explore science, technology, engineering, and math in a way that feels like play. He published the article on the Best Buy Blog, and he even created a five-minute YouTube video review.

Bond noted that there are 130 parts and pieces in the set, including two motors and one piece that is “essentially the brain of the unit.” There are six predesigned Botzees robots resembling various sea creatures, mammals, and reptiles, but kids can build “whatever creation their imaginations can conjure,” Bond says. He notes that Botzees robots have many talents when they are assembled, including moving around, drumming, lighting up, and even dancing.

Bond also offers a thorough explanation of the AR (augmented reality) games and puzzles available with the Botzees AR App. He enjoyed the app’s compatibility with the physical product, from assembly to interaction. For devices do not support AR kit or AR Core, download Botzees EDU app on your app or play store.

What one expects from a toy like this is, first and foremost, for it to be fun,” Bond says. It is, and I definitely think that kids across a variety of different age groups will enjoy it—particularly if they are into build toys or have an interest in the STEM field subjects.”

And would Bond recommend this toy to folks looking for a great gift to give to the curious kids in their lives?

I have no difficulty whatsoever recommending it to any and all who find STEM toys exciting and fun,” he says. If you’re looking for a fun and creative toy featuring multiple play patterns to give to your child, the Botzees Coding and AR Robotics Kit is it!”

Thank you to Bond and to the Best Buy Blog for this fantastic review. We hope these resources proved to be useful to anyone considering buying their first Botzees set.