The 5 Reasons Why Botzees Blocks are the Perfect Building Blocks for Your Toddler

The 5 Reasons Why Botzees Blocks are the Perfect Building Blocks for Your Toddler

Botzees Blocks are the Perfect Building Blocks for Your Toddler

Since prehistoric times, children have loved to play. Perhaps play is even a natural instinct that helps the smallest members of our society make sense of the big, beautiful, complicated world that we live in. Archaeologists discovered that many of the earliest playthings involve building and creating in some way. It’s no wonder that building blocks are still a staple in the toyboxes of children across the world!


Building blocks for kids started off as stone or wooden toys. When we developed advanced plastic technology, plastic became the preferred material for blocks. And thus, LEGO brand blocks took over playrooms. LEGOs have their benefits, but they also have their flaws. And they are certainly not for toddlers – they are a major choking hazard! And have you ever stepped on one of those little daggers? Ouch!


Until the toddler in your life is old enough to take care of their LEGO collection by themselves, we have a solution for you: Botzees Blocks.


Below are the five reasons why Botzees Blocks are the perfect building blocks for your toddler.


  1. Big blocks for small hands


Botzees Blocks come in three different packages for toddlers, and all three include pieces that are the perfect size for toddler hands. If you’ve ever watched a toddler attempt, for example, to eat Cheerios, you know that they have a tough time picking up tiny items and handling those tiny items with care. And thus, half of the Cheerios end up on the floor.


With Botzees Blocks, the little ones have no trouble maneuvering and gripping the pieces, pressing them together, and building whole structures with little to no help from the supervising adult. Plus, the blocks are large enough that they do not pose a choking hazard.


  1. Rounded edges


Good news! You can finally walk around your toddler’s play space without shoes on. Botzees Blocks pieces have rounded edges, which are safer for child hands (and adult feet). No more gruesome red marks and hair-raising screams!


  1. More varied shapes


With only square and rectangular pieces, a kid is limited to thinking inside the box, literally. Botzees Blocks come in a variety of shapes and colors. This variation will inspire toddlers to try new combinations of pieces each time they play.


  1. Movable building joints


If the toddler in your life is already showing signs of being mechanically minded, Botzees Blocks will make them squeal with excitement. The movable building joints are perfect for toddlers who are already attempting to open the baby gate or the child-safe locks on the cabinets. With movable building joints in the Botzees Blocks sets, your future engineer can let their imagination run wild.


  1. Easy to assemble and take apart


Ever tried to pull apart two tiny flat LEGO pieces? Unless you have fingernails of steel, it’s nearly impossible, especially for little kids. Because Botzees Blocks are easy to assemble and easy to take apart, kids will be able to take apart even their most prized creations. Why? Building them again is no sweat! Botzees Blocks sets are perfect for build-destroy-build ypes of play, which invites even more experimentation and wonder.


No hate, LEGOs. We’ve seen the kinds of castles older kids can build, and they are pretty awesome. But for toddlers, Botzees Blocks are the way to go. Pick out a set for the toddler in your life and get ready for hours and hours of inspired play.