Augmented Reality Toys

Augmented Reality Toys – The Ultimate Buying Guide for 2022

Augmented Reality Toys – The Ultimate Buying Guide for 2022

Our world is going through a lot of changes. Every day our technology is rapidly evolving, and our developers and leaders are making sure of that. Incredible innovations are taking place all around the world to make our planet better. As parents, we must ensure that our children are prepared to face changes in the future. Children can easily understand how technology works compared to adults. For example, the probability of knowing how to use a mobile phone is more significant for children when compared to the elderly. Technology is evolving, and today's trend is AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality). Large companies, such as Facebook have started to embrace the fact that augmented reality is the future, and they are changing their market towards AR/VR.

So, what is the best start for your children to learn more about augmented and virtual reality? The answer is that Augmented Reality (AR) toys are the best way to explore and understand AR/VR. In the upcoming sections, we will discuss augmented reality toys and how they benefit children to develop various valuable skills.

Augmented Reality - What Is It?

Augmented reality (AR) is a system that incorporates three essential factors such as real-time interaction with an object, even though the object does not appear in the real world, perfect 3D (3-Dimensions) structure, and registration of both natural and virtual objects, and the ultimate culmination of both natural and virtual world. It is an experience where computer software enhances real-world objects to appear in the virtual world and vice versa. You can feel the thing as if it is present in the real world through various information such as visual, sound, and haptic feedback.

How Augmented Reality Differs from Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is an immersive simulated experience, where inanimate or animated objects are entirely created with the help of computer software and hardware. It is trendy in gaming, military training, education, and even businesses.

AR/VR may sound similar in terms of functionality, but there is a distinctive difference between them. In simple words, in VR, the whole environment and also the objects in it are made from scratch using computer software and hardware, whereas, in AR, only the part of the surrounding is virtual, the remaining will be the natural environment.

How Augmented Reality and Toys Interact with Each Other?

From the definition of AR, we can relate AR and toys. AR creates a link between the real and digital world. Utilizing that technology coupled with a toy would surely bring a richer experience and in-depth knowledge about AR. It can also be a gateway for learning and developing several crucial skills such as critical thinking, logical thinking, problem-solving, and team management.

This is a sound idea, but how to implement that? This is where a programmable robot toy helps. As the name indicated, you can program the robot to make it perform some predetermined action. In this part, you can include AR, which is implemented in most robot toys.

You can program the robot with the help of a dedicated application that You must install on your devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. By enabling the AR application, you can program the robot and get the result in real-time in an AR environment.

AR toys help children deeply understand information without compromising their comfort zone and help them retain that information for a considerable period of time. This can be more engaging than seeing videos or even reading books.

Various forms of 3D aspects, such as sound, light, music, videos, haptic feedback, inanimate objects, and images create an interactive and creative learning experience for children. Unlike traditional toys, AR toys help keep children engaged and widen their horizons about technology.

Augmented Reality In STEM Learning:

STEM, an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, is a teaching approach that brings all four main subjects together as a single, cross-disciplinary program. STEM learning primarily focuses on providing instruction in real-world applications instead of the traditional test/performance-based approach.

AR can play a crucial role in the STEM education approach. Teachers can use AR to introduce gamification in the curriculum to create creative and interactive educational material. Some of the concepts may be difficult for children to understand from reading books; AR helps children visualize complex ideas and understand those difficult concepts and subjects. Augmented Reality games are the most popular way to teach STEM. Integrating concepts and creating a game around them will help children gain motivation toward the curriculum. Ultimately, AR technology can catalyze children's development and enhance their learning experience.

Things to Look for When You Buy an AR Toy Kit:

It would be best if you looked for factors that actually influence your children in a good way and ultimately develop several crucial skills. Things to look for when you decide to buy the best Augmented Reality toys for your children are:

  • Age-Appropriateness: As is evident, you should always look for a robot toy kit suitable for your children's age. A complex system may be too hard for them to understand, which could lead to losing interest.
  • Versatility: Robotic toys can come in different shapes, sizes, and forms. Some you can assemble, some you cannot. Always choose a multifunctional robot toy kit that can bring out the best in your children. Select a robot toy kit that allows your children to repeatedly disassemble and reassemble into a new model; it gives endless possibilities to learn about STEM.
  • Features: This factor mainly ties with the age range. For example, robot toys can have various features, such as general assembly (putting building blocks together to assemble the toy), hardware objects, such as batteries, motors, and sensors to make the robot perform a specific action, and software such as block coding to function the hardware and AR-enabled software. The features tell you the complexity of the robot toy. Choose the robot toy with the necessary parts based on your child's interest.
  • Price: Price is one of the essential factors to consider when choosing an AR robot toy kit. Compared to physical toys, such as teddy bears, AR robot toy kits are expensive. The price range varies based on factors such as features and age range. The primary thing to keep in mind is that STEM-based AR robot toy kits are some of the most educational toys you can buy for a child. It will be a good investment for your children in the long run if they are interested in assembling and solving problems.

How Botzees Toys' Augmented Reality Toys Are Best Suited for Your Children?

Botzees toys are one of the best-augmented reality toy providers online. The main objective of Botzees toys is to offer innovative and educational products that enhance your children's education and development through fun STEM-based imaginative play experiences. It will catalyze your children's development and strengthen and promote critical thinking and problem-solving.

Botzees' robot toys come for all age ranges; based on your children's age, you can choose the kids' robot. For example, for children aged between 1-3, you can try Botzees Toddler - Coding Train Set For children aged between 3-4, you can get the Botzees animal or car kit. For age 4+, you can buy the classic Botzees coding kit.

For all robot kits, you have to download the AR app on your mobile device or tablet, which you can download from the Google Play Store for Android and App Store for Apple devices. This app allows you to program all the robot toys and makes them perform specific actions through an approach called "block coding."

With the AR app, you are advised to connect the assembled robot (which you can do by using building blocks) to the app using a Bluetooth connection. Once you connect, you are presented with a screen made using AR technology. From there, you can perform various actions by using the blocks on the screen. You must drag and drop the block in the working environment to get the desired output. You can see the result in real-time in an AR environment, using the AR app.

With Botzees toys, you are assured that your children can learn and develop crucial cognitive, hands-on, creative, concentration, and logical abilities that help them become better leaders in features regardless of the field they choose.


What are augmented reality toys?

Augmented Reality toys, also known as AR toys, are smart robotics that help children develop various crucial skills, such as logical thinking, team collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving through STEM-based education.

What are some things should look for when you buy an AR robot kit?

The things to look for are:

  1. Age range.
  2. Versatility.
  3. Price.
  4. Features.

Is AR the same as VR?

No, both AR and VR are different. They may sound similar, but there is a distinctive difference between them. In AR, you will be using the real-life environment and adding objects/images created by computer software to have a much more interactive experience. In VR, everything including the environment and the objects in it are made from scratch using computer software.

Final Thoughts:

AR is the future, along with VR. The gaming industry is slowly diverting its vision toward AR/VR games. Toy companies are also starting to invest more in the R&D of AR/VR toys. AR toys allow children to interact with real-world problems and tackle them. AR-based educational games are a great way to engage children to learn information that can sustain them for a long time. Botzees toys help your children become great problem solvers or leaders in whatever field they are interested in.