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Award Winning Learning

Botzees was designed by the nation’s top early-learning experts. Controlling their Botzees and playing “games” are disguised coding lessons. This happens by teaching foundational “coding logic.” That includes logical thinking and balancing details with the big picture. Guided learning sets the lifelong foundation for understanding complex systems.

Program To Play

An easy and intuitive “coding game” lets your children program their Botzees. Combine different commands to make your Botzee move, dance, drum, make sounds and light up! It’s like if you could program an RC car toy. But with way more learning and fun! Don’t be surprised when your little one programs their Botzee to chase the family pet!

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What People are Saying


After a brief unboxing with grandma, our 4 year old grandson mastered the main Botzee robot package, honestly to our amazement. He learned to follow directions using his tablet and later made up his own designs.

Thomas Pratt


My 6 year old wants to play with Botzee every day! It was a life saver through all of quarantine. He has built his own custom robots so many times, plus the ones it comes with.



Botzees is a wonderful hands-on coding robot for children. It is simple enough for young learners - Kindergarten aged- to operate, and provides a variety of engaging features for older students as well.

Kevin M.

The Botzees robots were meant for my 3rd Grade classroom thanks to Pai Technologies and Tryazon. They were very easy to set up and use. The directions on the app were easy to follow. There are also puzzles and coding options to complete and play with.

Charlotte Bradley